My book IGNITE will be published in Spring 2025

My book “IGNITE – How to unlock your brain’s true potential – and change your life” will be published in Spring 2025 by Bedford Square Publishers and Cargo/De Bezige Bij. 

The book follows my personal journey from feeling like a complete imposter with an uncooperative brain to becoming someone who believes in herself and operates at her best. To get there, I delved into neuroscience, psychology, and economics to understand what really works and why. 

In IGNITE I share everything I’ve learned and guide you on a step-by-step process to gain mastery over your brain. You’ll learn how to stay focused on what matters, boost motivation, enhance your brainpower, and unlock the transformative power of mindset and beliefs.

The Bank Ownership Database is getting an update!

Karsten Muller and I are excited to announce that we have begun the process of updating the Bank Ownership Database. This comprehensive resource will soon include ownership information for a large number of banks spanning from 1995 to 2022. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements!

New working paper: Housing wealth inequality and mortgage market stimulus

In this paper (joint with Belinda Tracey) we shed new light on the relationship between the down payment requirement and housing wealth inequality. Studying the UK Help-to-Buy program we show that lowering the down payment requirement reduces housing wealth inequality by weakening the link between (parental) wealth and homeownership.  

Inaugural lecture: Financing future economic growth

Friday 28th October I will deliver my Inaugural Lecture “Financing Future Economic Growth” at the University of Amsterdam. I will talk about the importance of finance for economic growth and how improvement of finance for SMEs, in particular young, high-potential ones, will be a crucial factor generating future economic growth, lower long-term inflation and the transition to net-zero.

Inaugural Lecture [PDF]

New working paper: Startup types and macroeconomic performance in Europe

New research with Ralph de Haas and Vincent Sterk studying dynamics of European startups using unsupervised learning . We distinguish five starts-up types: capital intensive, cash-rich, high leverage, large and basic. We show that shifting the composition of startup cohorts can boost macroeconomic performance.