Working Papers

Under review

The Role of Foreign Banks in Trade

With Stijn Claessens and Omar Hassib
Bank of England Staff Working Paper No. 656; CEPR Discussion Paper No. 11821; latest draft [PDF]
Revision requested by Journal of Financial Intermediation

Repo Market Functioning: The Role of Capital Regulation”

With Kotidis, Antonis, 2018
Bank of England Staff Working Paper No 746; CEPR Discussion Paper No 13090.
paper featured in the Wall Street Journal, September 12 2018

Work in progress

All you need is cash: Corporate cash holdings and investment after the financial crisis [PDF]

With Andi Joseph, Christiane Kneer and Jumana Salaheen

Off to a Bad Start? The Role of Leverage for Start-Up Productivity over the Business Cycle

With Ralph De Haas, Jasper De Winter and Vincent Sterk