Working Papers

Working papers

The consumption response to borrowing constraints in the mortgage market

With Belinda Tracey
Bank of England SWP No. 919;  CEPR DP No 16144; Latest draft [PDF]
Featured in: Bank Underground; All About Finance;

All you need is cash: Corporate cash holdings and investment after the global financial crisis

With Andi Joseph and Christiane Kneer
Bank of England SWP No. 843;  CEPR DP No. 14199; Latest draft [PDF]
Featured in: Bank Underground; VoxEU;

Repo Market Functioning: The Role of Capital Regulation

With Kotidis, Antonis
Bank of England SWP No. 746; CEPR DP No 13090. Latest draft [PDF]
Featured in: Bank UndergroundWSJ;

Work in progress

Startup Types, Structural Policy and Macroeconomic Performance in Europe

With Ralph De Haas and Vincent Sterk

Asymmetric Information, Interbank Markets and Monetary Policy: Evidence from the Brexit Referendum,

With Antonis Kotidis, Francesc Rodriguez-Tous and Guillaume Vuillemey.

“Home ownership and Fertility

With Belinda Tracey.