Upcoming and recent presentations


  • University of Lausanne (May 2019)
  • Warwick Business School (May 2019)
  • Zurich University (Oct 2019)
  • Glasgow University (Oct 2019)
  • Austrian Central Bank (Nov 2019)
  • Utrecht University (Feb 2020)


  • GSE Summer Forum – FIR Workshop (Barcelona, June 2019)*
  • GSE Summer Forum – FIS Workshop (Barcelona, June 2019)
  • Belgian Macro Forthcoming (keynote) (Ghent, Sept 2019)
  • Lund Banking Conference (Lund, Dec 2019)


  • Fourth Annual Conference of the European Systemic Risk Board –The Role of Non-Banks in the Economy and the Financial System

* = Discussion

Previous presentations



  • Erasmus University Rotterdam (April 2018);
  • European Central Bank (June 2018);
  • Copenhagen Business School (Aug 2018);
  • Frankfurt School of Management (Sept 2018),
  • University of Maastricht (Sept 2018);
  • Lancaster University (Oct 2018);
  • De Nederlandsche Bank (Oct 2018);
  • Cass Business School (Nov 2018);


  • London Financial Intermediation Workshop (London, Feb 2018);
  • 2nd Bristol Workshop on Banking and Financial Intermediation (Bristol, May 2018);
  • NBER ISOM Conference (Dublin, June 2018)*;
  • 24 th European Summer Symposium in Financial Markets (Gerzensee, July 2018);
  • 4th IWH FIN FIRE Workshop on Challenges to Financial Stability (Halle, Aug 2018);
  • Financial Stability, Macroprudential Regulation and Microprudential Supervision Workshop (Frankfurt, Sept 2018);
  • BIS Research Conference on Post-Crisis Regulation (Basel, Sept 2018)


  • High‐level panel on Post‐implementation Evaluations of the G20 Financial Regulatory Reforms” during at 2018 CEBRA Annual Meeting (Frankfurt, Aug 2018)


  • University of Bonn;
  • University of Lund;
  • University of St. Andrews;
  • Banque de France;
  • American Finance Association (Chicago);
  • Workshop on Corporate Debt Markets (London)*;
  • 10th Swiss Winter Conference on Financial Intermediation (Lenzerheide);
  • Chicago Financial Institutions Conference (Chicago);
  • 9 th Baffi Carefin International Banking Conference “Banking and Financial Regulation” (Milan)*;
  • 4 th CSEF Banking Conference (Naples)*


  • Free University of Amsterdam;
  • Bank of England;
  • ECB;
  • LSE;
  • Utah Winter Finance Conference (Snowbird);
  • 2016 European Finance Association (Oslo)*;
  • 4 th Annual HEC Paris Workshop “Banking, Finance, Macroeconomics and the Real Economy (Paris);
  • ECB conference on Monetary Policy Pass-through and Credit Markets (Frankfurt)*;
  • 2 nd BdF/BoE International Macro Workshop (London);
  • Conference on “Financial Intermediation in Emerging Markets (Cape Town)*


  • Aalto University;
  • Halle University;
  • University of Maryland;
  • 4th MoFiR Workshop (Kobe)*;
  • RIETI-MoFiR-Hitotsubashi-JFC International Workshop on
    Banking and Financial Research (Tokyo);
  • NBER Summer Institute (Boston);
  • Banking in Emerging Markets: Recent Trends and Developments (Rio) (2 papers + discussion);
  • 7 th Baffi Carefin Conference “Tomorrow’s Bank Business
    Model” (Milan) (paper + discussion);
  • 7 th European Banking Center Conference (Tilburg)*;
  • 2015 Chicago Fed-World Bank International Banking Conference


  • University of Amsterdam;
  • Frankfurt School of Finance & Management;
  • DIW;
  • EBRD;
  • Maastricht University;
  • Federal Reserve Board;
  • ASSA (Philadelphia);
  • 7th Winter Conference on Financial Intermediation (Lenzerheide);
  • Banking Research Day (Amsterdam);
  • 31st SUERF Colloquium and 2014 BAFFI Finlawmetrics Conference (Milan);
  • DNB/IMF/IMFER conference “International Banking: Microfoundations and Macroeconomic Implications” (Amsterdam);
  • 13th Annual Macroeconomic Policy Workshop (Budapest);
  • IMF/WB/WTO workshop on Trade (Washington);
  • 4th Emerging Scholars in Banking and Finance Conference (London)*;
  • BoE/CfM/CEPR workshop on “International Trade, Finance and Macroeconomics” (London).


  • Free University Amsterdam;
  • Federal Reserve Board;
  • World Bank;
  • Zurich University;
  • ASSA (San Diego);
  • 6th Swiss Winter Conference on Financial Intermediation (Lenzerheide)*;
  • 2nd MoFiR workshop on Banking (Ancona);
  • 12th Annual Darden International Finance Conference (Charlottesville);
  • FIRS Conference (Dubrovnik);
  • Bank of Italy workshop “Lending by Multinational Banks and Implications for Financial Stability and Integration” (Rome);
  • European Finance Association (Cambridge);
  • CEPR/LBS/FEDNY conference “The Economics of Global Banking” (London)*;
  • DNB/EBC/JEDC conference “The Role of Financial Intermediaries in Monetary Policy Transmission” (Amsterdam)*;
  • CEPR/EBRD/EBC/RoF conference “Understanding Banks in Emerging Markets: Experimenting, Observing or Asking? (London)*;
  • DNB Annual Conference “The Impact of Credit on the Dynamics of SMEs” (Amsterdam)


  • KU Leuven;
  • Bank of International Settlements;
  • Central Planning Bureau;
  • ASSA (Chicago) (2 papers + discussion);
  • 5th Swiss Winter Conference on Financial Intermediation (Lenzerheide)*;
  • BOK/BIS/IMF conference on “Macro-financial Linkages” (Seoul)*;
  • World Bank/Banco de Espana conference on “Debt and Credit, Growth and Crises” (Madrid)*;
  • DNB/EBC/JMCB conference on “Post- Crisis Banking” (Amsterdam);
  • ESCB Day-Ahead conference “Financial Stability: Measurement, Theory, and Policy Analysis” (Malaga);
  • 4th Financial Stability Conference (Tilburg)*;
  • 15th Annual Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago International Banking Conference (Chicago);
  • CEPR/ECB/RoF/Indiana conference on “Small Business Financing” (Frankfurt);
  • Global Research Forum “International Macroeconomics and Finance” (Frankfurt)*


  • IMF;
  • Boston Fed;
  • Chicago Fed;
  • New York Fed;
  • 4th Swiss Winter Conference on Financial Intermediation (Lenzerheide);
  • 10th Annual Darden International Finance Conference, (Charlottesville);
  • 8th Workshop in International Economics and Finance (Lima);
  • IFABS Conference (Rome)


  • Tilburg University;
  • International Monetary Fund;
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development;
  • European Central Bank;
  • Banco de Espana;
  • University of Mainz;
  • ASSA (Atlanta);
  • CEPR conference on “Bank Crisis Prevention and Resolution” (Amsterdam);
  • FIRS Conference (Florence);
  • CEPR/DSF/EBC workshop on Cross-border Banking in Europe (Amsterdam)*;
  • Bank of Finland/CEPR conference on “Banking in Emerging Economies (Helsinki);
  • 13th DNB Annual Research Conference (Amsterdam)

* = Discussion